[tagline_box cta_style="center" call_text="Animated Pie Chart" call_text_size="25" desc_text_size="13" force_transparency="false" cta_shadow="true" title="Text on the button" style="minimal" color="red" target="_self" size="small" inner_border_color="#ffffff" border_color="#efefef"]You can easily add a Pie Chart element to any page you create. Click on Add element and select the Pie Chart Element from the Pop-up window. You will be able to customize your pie chart using the settings provided. Each Pie Chart element can be different. See below.[/tagline_box]
[ctitle title="Pie Chart - Default" icon="fa-info-circle"]
[ctitle title="Pie Chart - Custom Text" icon="fa-info-circle"]
[ctitle title="Pie Chart - Custom Value and Symbol" icon="fa-question-circle"]
[ctitle title="Pie Chart - Icon Layout" icon="fa-question-circle"]