We are going to work on your mental math skills by playing a game called “51 by 5s”. The game is fairly simple; the winner is the player to reach exactly 51 points first, starting from zero. BUT, the actual score thrown is divided by 5 to get the scoring amount. In other words, a thrown score of 20, divided by 5, would actually score 4 points on the chalkboard.

The Ladies

I was going to move on to another subject for my next blog, however, over the last week, Facebook has been alive and well with a barrage of posts and comments regarding ladies darts, and unfortunately, not in a positive way thanks to the antiquated, misogynistic views of one….and I will use the term loosely….. ”man”. Although he readily admitted to years of what could be considered an “altered state”, his comments have raged through the internet and lucky for us, do not reflect the general views of all men.