Follow up with Benjamin Dersch

In my first blog, I covered the amazing accomplishment of Benjamin Dersch, with his win of the 501 and Cricket Singles at the Las Vegas Open, a feat that had not been done before by any single player. So I decided to delve a little further into Benny’s mind and get some thoughts and feelings from him after learning all of this, gaining the invites to the World Masters over in England, as well as an automatic invite to the qualifier for the Lakeside World Championship, if he does compete at the World Masters.

1. When you won both singles events, how did you feel and what went through your mind about being able to win both that weekend?
How did I feel? Loaded question for sure Anne! To be totally honest, going into the weekend I felt the best I had in a very long time. My expectations were pretty high for myself on the Cricket Singles due to my style of play and the success I had at this same tournament two years ago. As far as the 501 event, I really wasn’t sure what was going to happen. Two years ago, I took a top 16 finish losing to Gary Mawson. I scored pretty well, but missed too many doubles. The old saying is for sure true, TRIPLES FOR SHOW, DOUBLES FOR DOUGH! But after I played about 3 matches, I started feeling pretty comfortable (I was hitting doubles) at the line and the results showed just that.

2. When you realized the enormity of the situation, how did you feel after that?
I normally don’t get too excited about winning an event, but after I hit the double top for the win, my insides started going absolutely crazy. I’m not one to show much emotion because I feel at times it’s like showing your opponent up. Salt on the wound, if you will! So only after I found out that this feat had never been done before (to anyone’s knowledge), that was when I really got excited. I also had no idea what was to come from winning the 501 singles.


3. Do you see yourself doing anything differently as far as the when, where, and how of your play? Will you play more steel tip? Or just practice more?
As far as playing more, I am super excited with the opportunity to play doubles with DAD (Larry Butler) in Virginia Beach, and hopefully, a trip to the Charlotte Open after that as well. I plan on playing as much steel tip as I possibly can this year. Most don’t know this about my practice regiments, but I don’t own a “soft tip” board. All I have is my steel board at home and that’s all I’ve thrown on for a long time. I actually love the challenge that comes with it.

The last question stems from the invites that Ben will receive as a result of his winning the 501 singles at the Las Vegas Open. Ben will now receive an invite to compete at the WDF World Masters in England later this year against some of the best steel tip dart players in the world. Also, as a result of this win, once he competes in the World Masters, he will receive an automatic invite to compete in a qualifier for the BDO Lakeside World Championships. There will be four spots available from this qualifier, so if Ben can make it that far, he will be competing at the BDO Lakeside World Championships at the end of the year.

4. So this question is… did you feel once you learned that you will get an opportunity to compete for a spot at the World Championships?
So after I found out about the invite to the World Masters, I got pretty geeked out. I’ve done a lot in my dart career (on the soft tip side), but getting just a chance to go showcase my skills “ACROSS THE POND” is definitely something I had never imagined would ever happen. I understand it’s only an invite, but I’m going to play my backside off and hopefully take this opportunity and run like hell with it. It’s been a long while since I’ve been excited with darts and this may just kick start my hardcore playing back into high gear! Like I said before, the spot in the World Championships is all just exciting icing on the dart cake! Hopefully I can do well and just keep inching towards bigger and bigger things.

In closing, Benny wanted to also give a huge thanks to his sponsors for helping him to be able to achieve these goals: Dynasty/A-FLOW, L-Style, RedEye Rhino and Ultimate Team Gear.

I know we all want to wish Benny all the best on this new adventure! Good luck, Benny! We will all be following along!

Anne Kramer