[qbox title1="The Products by Category Slug Shortcode" title2="You can add WooCommerce shortcodes to any page you create. With Nimva you can showcase your Products by Category Slug with style. You can customize the number of columns (2-4), items per page and ordering. See some live examples below." align="center" big_size="30" big_color="#777777" small_size="15" small_color="#777777" en_buttons="false" b1_style="minimal" b1_title="Text on the button" b1_color="red" b1_inverse="false" b1_size="small" b2_style="minimal" b2_title="Text on the button" b2_color="red" b2_inverse="false" b2_size="small"]

[ctitle title="Watches Products" icon="fa-hand-o-down"]
[ctitle title="Polo Shirts Products" icon="fa-hand-o-down"]
[ctitle title="Blazers Products" icon="fa-hand-o-down"]
[ctitle title="Sunglasses Products" icon="fa-hand-o-down"]