[qbox title1="Nimva Gives You Ultimate Control " align="center" big_size="30" big_color="#ffffff" small_size="15" small_color="#ffffff" en_buttons="true" b1_style="minimal" b1_title="View More" b1_color="transparent_light" b1_inverse="false" b1_size="small" b2_style="minimal" b2_title="Purchase Now" b2_color="transparent_light" b2_inverse="false" b2_size="small" title2="You won't believe the flexibility you get when using our gorgeous Nimva Theme. Don't take our word for it, give it a try yourself." b1_icon="fa-cloud-download" b1_href="https://www.mojomarketplace.com/item/nimva-ultimate-multi-purpose-wordpress-theme" b2_icon="fa-download" b2_href="https://www.mojomarketplace.com/item/nimva-ultimate-multi-purpose-wordpress-theme"]
[vc_service_box text_icon="fa-heart" title="Ultra Responsive Design" target="_self" full_link="false"]Nimva is 100% responsive, all elements integrated into the theme will look awesome on any mobile device.[/vc_service_box]
[vc_service_box text_icon="fa-star" title="Advanced Theme Option" target="_self" full_link="false"]With over 350+ options, Nimva allows you to customize the theme to the smallest details. No programming needed.[/vc_service_box]
[vc_service_box text_icon="fa-flask" title="Megamenu Ready" target="_self" full_link="false"]Nimva allows you to use create MegaMenus – add icons, text widgets, split columns to make your site even better looking.[/vc_service_box]
[vc_service_box text_icon="fa-home" title="Header Layouts" target="_self" full_link="false"]. You can easily select the header layout you want using the Theme Options Interface. Change it with just one click of a mouse.[/vc_service_box]
[vc_service_box text_icon="fa-youtube" title="Video Backgrounds" target="_self" full_link="false"]You just need your video id and that’s it, your background will automatically become a Video Background.[/vc_service_box]
[vc_service_box text_icon="fa-book" title="Advanced Blog Options" target="_self" full_link="false"]You can now create blog pages by just selecting one of the predefined page templates we created for you.[/vc_service_box]

Simple elements with powerful options

All the features allow you to customize them any way you want. We created these features based on your feedback, so basically this is your creation not ours. Take your time to get familiar with all the options we integrated into the theme and you will see that even the simplest element has powerful options to use.

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