We are going to work on your mental math skills by playing a game called “51 by 5s”. The game is fairly simple; the winner is the player to reach exactly 51 points first, starting from zero. BUT, the actual score thrown is divided by 5 to get the scoring amount. In other words, a thrown score of 20, divided by 5, would actually score 4 points on the chalkboard.

Play proceeds like this until 51 is reached. Like ’01 games, it is possible to bust.. if you have a score of 50, for instance, and throw 20 points, your new score would be 54… a bust. Go back to 50 next turn!

If any one dart misses the board entirely, then none of the darts in that round count. Hence all three darts must be in play for every round. If you only need one point to win, then all three darts must add up to 5 (ie S1, S2, S2).

The two best places on the board to focus are the 20/5 wire or the 10/15 wire and bull. Each gives a large target to accumulate points.

For an added challenge, try to hit a perfect game (180, SB, DB) or a finesse game, three straight handfuls of 85pts each.

Good luck, enjoy the practice and see you at tournaments soon!